Think you need to lie out to boost vitamin D levels? That it’s safe to tan as long as you wear sunscreen? That skin cancer isn’t that big a deal? Top skin doctors help set the record straight on common sun, sunscreen, and skin cancer myths.


In the many years I have been in the skin industry I have realised that too many people are still confused about sunscreen and how to use it. 

The amount of times I have heard “I had sunscreen on and STILL burnt” over the years.

First of all… it’s not necessary to have a factor 100 sunscreen… this does NOT mean you are 100% blocked from the sun for an entire day. The higher the factor, the more chemical content.

When purchasing a sunscreen…. Its simple maths on how long it will protect you

On a sunny day , calculate the amount of time it would take your skin to burn (start to redden) if you were standing directly in the sun with no sunscreen on…. 2 mins… 5 mins… 10 mins???

Take that amount and times it by the sunscreen factor that you have bought

Eg. 5 x 25 = 125

This gives you the minutes of protection you will receive on your skin from that sunscreen

You will need to apply your sunscreen at least 20 mins before entering the sun before it is effective and you will need to reapply at least 20 mins before your protection time is up to get the full benefits from your sunscreen

Simple ;-)